Zt prize 2024 poster

1. Purpose of the Competition:

The Ziya Tanalı Initiative consists of individuals who have been influenced by the writings, actions, and expressions of Ziya Tanalı, a great master, teacher, thinker, and writer whom we lost too early. With this aim, it organizes a student competition and seeks to share this accumulation with young people. The main purpose of the competitions is not only to select and reward "beautiful" or "successful" projects but to encourage students to think about specific topics and issues framed in a way that recalls the assignments Ziya taught us. In this way, the competition serves as a free, open, and voluntary educational tool. Reflecting on the questions and problems posed in the way Ziya taught us and interpreting them constitute the essence of this effort. The organized colloquia can be considered as a kind of final jury for the projects. In the future, it is aimed to expand these activities beyond the competition, reaching more people with Ziya's accumulation and promoting the encouragement of fine arts.

2. Subject of the Competition:


"I am on the coast, I am walking

Sea and land one step away”

Places where the fundamental qualities of two different systems converge, edges, coasts, not only carry the characteristics of both systems but also produce unique qualities of their own. The richness of the edges is not only physical but also expands in our perception, taking on a semantic richness. Coastal areas where the edges of water and land overlap not only offer tremendous biological diversity but also create spatial wonders, whether natural or man-made.

Whether by the sea or the city's edge, whether the highlands where the forests end and the mountains begin, or the valley edges, regardless of which, coast/edge areas in human settlements or natural areas are sources that nourish art in various ways. Wherever a body of water, be it the sea, a lake, or a river, touches the land, loves begin to happen, poems start to be written. Walking along this coastline, stopping, looking; we generally prefer to be on one side or the other of the coast, for some reason.

Whether it's endless sandy beaches or rocky cliffs that rise as if trying to stop the water, it's difficult to touch the spatial design inherent in the nature of the coastline, it requires skill. However, considering that coastal areas are one of the most preferred places in human settlements, thinking about being on the coast is preferable to occupying it insensitively. The coast is a state of indecision; one can get lost on the coast without perceiving which side one is looking at from the other. It can be a border, but difficult to draw, where one edge begins and where it ends is unclear, when do we move from one to the other, how is the crossing of that threshold perceived spatially, and it continues like a challenging puzzle in any coastal walk...

"In dreams, amidst the expanse of the sky

A slumbering insect within the boundless cosmos

Who initiates: the heavens or the humble creature

Past and future, momentarily, in tranquil embrace

As the deer yearns for the gentle stream's caress

In the flow, both deer and water intertwine

Each nestled within the other, like reality entwined with dreams”

Melih Cevdet Anday

The theme of the 2024 Ziya Tanalı Award competition requires participants to present a design on a coast of their choice, within a topic/program of their choice.


● The selected coast can be on any sea, lake, or river bank, but participants are encouraged to choose a coastal area familiar within their living environment.

● The location choice can be a natural coastal area or within existing urban settlements; there is no restriction in this regard.

● Since the definition of the coast is related to the relationship between water and land, the coast is a variable area. While it can be kilometers wide in tidal or subaerial coasts, it can be a few meters wide in cliffs. In simple terms, the coast is defined as the area between the coastline, where the water ends and the land begins, and the coastal edge line, the last point under the influence of water. Therefore, it is expected that the entire proposal or part of it will be located in the defined coastal area.

● There are strict legal regulations protecting coastal areas in various ways almost all over the world; however, within the framework of the competition theme, location and subject selection can be made in any coastal area open to all kinds of human intervention, disregarding these protection rules.

● Decisions that restrict design in this regard will be evaluated only in the context of the participant's perspective and the context they propose.

● Participants are expected to convey their ideas using as little text as possible. The design concept and the thought behind it should be presented without an additional project report, except for short explanations on the presentation sheet.

● The competition language is English.


The evaluation of the award, which accepts Saint-Exupery's statement "perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" is guided by the following principles that reflect Ziya Tanalı's architectural understanding:

● Simple, clear, pure

● Humble

● Transmitting sensitivities through objects - as in all art disciplines

● Genuine/self-resembling

● Suitable for the nature of the material

● Responding to human needs, human scale

● Focusing on the essence of things rather than forms

● Spontaneous - always there as if it has always been

● New - imagining the nonexistent from the existing

3. Institution and Jury Organizing the Competition:

The competition is organized by the Tanalı Family in collaboration with the Ziya Tanalı Initiative. The Ziya Tanalı Initiative includes the following individuals, not limited to:

Erhan Akça, Sait Onur Edeş, Ayşe Ece Onur, Alper Gündüz, Ozan Sarıkaya, Oya Kuyumcu, Faruk Şahin, İsben Önen, Babür Ülgüner, Aslı Sarıkaya, Şebnem Özdemir, Taner Aslan, Özlem Önen, Bora Tubay, Zeynep Yağmur, İlhan Kesmez, Gözdem Tubay, Berna Aslan, Zeynep Onur.

The jury members for the 2024 competition are as follows:

Primary Jury Members:

Namık Günay Erkal, Architect, Prof. Dr. TEDU

Desen Çizenel, Architect

Jason Liu, Architect

Ozan Sarıkaya, Architect

R. Faruk Şahin, Architect

Consultant Jury Member:

Kaan Tanalı, PE

Alternate Jury Member:

Sait Onur Edeş, Architect


Rüya Öztürk, Architect

Zeynep Onur, Architect

4. Conditions for Participation:

Undergraduate architecture students currently enrolled in universities in the Republic of Turkey (T.C.) and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (K.K.T.C.) who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:

● Must not be involved in the selection and appointment of jury members and reporters.

● Jury members (advisor, primary, substitute) and their first-degree relatives, partners, assistants, and employees must not be among the participants.

● Should not participate in any part of the jury's work.

● Must not be involved in any process related to the competition within the Ziya Tanalı Initiative and the Tanalı Family, responsible for organizing the competition, including preparation, execution, finalization, and approval.

● Should not be among the advisors acting on behalf of the Ziya Tanalı Initiative and the Tanalı Family, and their employees.

● A participant can submit more than one proposal for the competition.

● Group participation is allowed. In the case of group participation, all group members must meet the above-mentioned conditions.

5. Competition Schedule:

● Announcement of the competition: February 20, 2024

● Deadline for asking questions: March 20, 2024 (e-mail to: ztodulleri@gmail.com )

● Announcement of answers: March 30, 2024

● Submission deadline: May 27, 2024

Participation is free.

6. Awards:

● 1st prize 22000 TL

● 2nd prize 12000 TL

● 3rd prize 10000 TL

The awards have been determined by the Tanalı Family.

7. Presentation and Submission Conditions:

Presentation conditions:

● All projects must be arranged horizontally as an A1-sized poster and submitted in JPG or PDF format. Resolution should be 300 DPI or higher, and file size should not exceed 50MB.

● A five-digit code starting with "zt" (e.g., zt02345) will be placed in the top right corner of the poster.

● Participants should provide brief explanations on the submission sheet with minimal text, covering their general approaches to the area, usage scenarios, understanding of the site, comments, research, and the design strategies they will follow.

● Visuals using tools to express micro and macro-scale design concepts, such as drawings, sketches, diagrams, two and three-dimensional representations.

● Alongside scaled technical drawings, plans, sections, perspectives explaining the design, include three-dimensional visuals and/or model photographs.

● All works must be original, and any materials used as references must be specified.

Submission conditions:

● Submissions for the competition should be sent to the email address ztodulleri@gmail.com by May 27, 2024, at 24:00. Submissions made after this date and time will not be considered.

● The assigned code (e.g., zt02345) should be written in the subject line of the email.

● The email should contain the A1-sized competition submission sheet in Jpg or Pdf format, the filled-out application form downloaded from www.homageziyatanali.org (Prize, 2024, 10. Documents), and the student ID.

● The code on the submission sheet, the code on the application form, and the code written in the email subject line must be the same.

● Participants submitting multiple proposals should use different codes for each proposal and submit them in separate emails. Each email must adhere to the specified submission conditions.

● Participants entering as a group should fill out a single application form, attaching the student IDs of all group members.

8. Announcement of Competition Results:

The competition results will be published on the competition website.

After the announcement of the jury evaluation results, the prize amounts stated above will be paid to the participants within 30 days.

9. Colloquium:

Details regarding the format and date of the colloquium will be announced after the declaration of the competition results.

10. Documents:

Competition Brief:

● in english
● in turkish

Application Form:

please fill out the application form below and submit together with A1-sized competition submission sheet in Jpg or Pdf format and student ID via email untill May 27, 2024 at 24:00.

● doc / ● pdf

11. Questions-Answers:

12. Competition Results:

The competition results will be published on this website.



zt prize 2024

"Questions-Answers" for the competition are announced.


zt prize 2024


Awards have been rearranged as follows:

● 1st prize 22000 TL

● 2nd prize 12000 TL

● 3rd prize 10000 TL


zt prize 2024

We wish success to all participants.

Submission deadline: May 27, 2024